Tools And Treasures

You may need to collect some basic tools for your spells and rituals. If you are working in a group,
these can be kept either by different members or in a safe place and brought out at meetings. They
need not be at all expensive. Magick was traditionally carried out with the equipment of the home: the
broom for sweeping the magical circle was the besom used for sweeping dirt (and negativity) out of
the door and was stored with its bristles upwards to protect the home.
The cauldron was the iron cooking pot on the black kitchen range that served to heat the home as well
as for cooking. Items often can be gathered from around your home: for example, a silver bell, a
crystal bowl or a large wine glass. Attractive scarves or throws make ideal altar cloths. Car boot sales
are an excellent source of magical equipment. Keep your magical tools separate from your everyday
household equipment in a large box or chest, so that you can keep them charged with positive energies
for magical and healing work.
Some items, such as the pentacle , you can make from clay, and herbs can be grown in
pots or in gardens and chopped in a mortar and pestle. Fresh herbs have more immediate energies than
dried, though the latter are better in sachets and poppets.
Always bear in mind that the magick is in you, not in your tools, and a wand cut from a fallen hazel or
willow branch in the right hands can be more magical that the most elaborate crystal-tipped one
purchased from a New Age store.