Witchcraft Theory & Practice – The Ethics of Personal Power

The lifescape of magic and Witchcraft is a place and a way of being rather
than the paradigm of something one does. We know each other by
recognizing the way in which we live and that which is within each of us that
has lived, thus, forever. It is the recognition of the quest.
The nature of initiation will keep you questing for the rest of your life.
There will be no surcease. There is no walking away from this once it has
called your name and you have willingly answered. The forces that you work
with will continue to feed and inspire you; and everything ends up being
looked at through eyes that know how to see.
Like attracts like is also a certainty. You will come into contact with others
of the Craft with whom you can share and synthesize. These like-minded
individuals can become an important focus for honor and truth, and they
will be powerful allies should the need arise. It is most important that you
establish ethics at the onset of your relationships so that honor is not
betrayed later. The ability to abuse the forces with which one is aligned has
been perpetrated before, and the ego is always responsible. This could be
considered a conditioned response, as we are brought up in a society that
promotes competition and aggressive striving for sometimes superfluous
success-the seeking of power for its own sake being one of the false reasons
for accessing this quest. This is an identity-seeking excuse for lots of people.
Their desire to access the landscape is, itself, valid. They often have the
feeling without the knowing to mirror themselves. I am wTiting this manual
mainly for them.
Some people will seek, accumulate information, and call it knowledge.
They seek it for the sake of owning, possessing it to access an identity, and
they end up with exactly nothing. The reason for the seeking of knowledge,
and the practical application of it, is to become that which your soul knowr
you are, by your very nature, and to be a vessel for this knowledge to create
change in accordance with the pattern inherent in magic and mysticism. It is
unnecessary, for example, to acquire the fanciest ritual regalia, to wear the
fanciest of robes, to drape oneself in all the appropriate jewelry. When
people set out to accumulate for the sake of how impressive they appear,
others of the Craft become wary of the reasons this is being done. The art of
one’s ritual things is, however, greatly respected.
Remember that quantity is not relative to quality in the occult arts and
sciences. Your prime expression comes from who you are, the direction of
your learning, and the application of knowledge, understanding, and